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Sterndrive Models

Creative seating and quality sterndrive construction for making memories with friends and family.

The 2020 Sterndrive Model Lineup

Q Models

A cut above in the bowrider class.

The latest in our lineup, Q Model boats offer deep seating, huge storage and unmatched versatility.

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Q7 Sterndrive
À partir de 101 044 $ PDSF (CA)

Versatility and ultimate roominess.

Q5 Sterndrive
À partir de 84 449 $ PDSF (CA)

Unstoppable fun on the water.

QX Models

Category crossing bowrider performance.

Standard features that scream versatility and storage solutions that keep you out on the water longer.

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29QX Sterndrive
À partir de 113 151 $ PDSF (CA)

The getaway boat.

23QX Sterndrive
À partir de 70 778 $ PDSF (CA)

The sweet spot.

19QX Sterndrive
À partir de 48 276 $ PDSF (CA)

The lake hopper.

26QX Sterndrive
À partir de 90 310 $ PDSF (CA)

Award-winning day boat.

21QX Sterndrive
À partir de 59 276 $ PDSF (CA)

The triple threat.

18QX Sterndrive
À partir de 41 769 $ PDSF (CA)

The do-anything day boat.

MTX Models

Pickle-fork watersports boats built to turn heads.

With unique pickle-fork bow construction and sharp hull lines, MTX boats are built with one goal in mind - endless fun.

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22MTX Sterndrive
À partir de 59 880 $ PDSF (CA)

The head-turner.

20MTX Sterndrive
À partir de 50 355 $ PDSF (CA)

Light the lake on fire.