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Outboard Models

Fine-tuned outboard boats built to whisk you away on the water.

The 2020 Outboard Model Lineup

Q Models

A cut above the class.

As the latest in our lineup, Q model boats offer deep seating, huge storage and many outboard power options.

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Q7 Outboard
À partir de 104 974 $ PDSF (CA)

Maximum multi-purpose cruising.

Q3 Outboard
À partir de 72 444 $ PDSF (CA)

Day boating made better.

Q5 Outboard
À partir de 92 249 $ PDSF (CA)

Uninterrupted fun on the water.

QX Models

Category busting bowrider performance.

Standard features that scream do-it-all and power options to suit your specific needs.

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19QX Outboard
À partir de 43 761 $ PDSF (CA)

The lake hopper.

17QX Outboard
À partir de 33 477 $ PDSF (CA)

The small surprise.

18QX Outboard
À partir de 36 502 $ PDSF (CA)

The category buster.