2013 Rinker Captiva + MTX Brand Video

April 30, 2013

From the classic-yet-modern Captiva bowriders and cuddies to the innovative MTX Series, Rinker Sport Boats range from 18 feet all the way up to nearly 31 feet and really do offer something for everyone.

Whether you're a day boater looking for a stylish-yet-practical bowrider, you prefer the versatility of a fish and ski, or you dream about overnighting on a cuddy, every Rinker Captiva will inspire you to new adventures on the water. You can also take your Rinker up a notch by adding the R Series watersports package (featuring custom folding tower, watersports mirror and dazzling graphics) or the Rinker Luxury Sport (RLS) Package with exclusive colors and flooring options and duo-tone upholstery.

And if you're looking for wild watersports action and a smart alternative to expensive inboards, the MTX Series is made for you. Easily recognized by its distinctive "pickle fork" bow design, the 200 and 220 MTX models are the way to go if you like the idea of venturing outside the mainstream. With head-turning graphics, clever seating options, and watersports-inspired features like wake towers and pumped-up stereo systems, the MTX and MTX Extreme models are all about attitude.