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Don't Fear The Trim Tab Button...It's Here To Help

August 7, 2013

There’s probably no more misunderstood accessory on your boat than the trim tab. New boaters, especially, are reluctant to start flipping switches they don’t completely recognize for fear of some imagined catastrophic result. Or, they the press the button, nothing appears to happen, and the switch is ignored from that point forward. You see trim tabs are one of those features on a boat that you never really knew you needed. That is until you climbed aboard your buddy’s boat and...    Read More ]

Check Out The Rinker Captiva 216!

August 2, 2013

With a fresh new design from the hull up, the Rinker Captiva 216 is a beautiful combination of form and function.Featuring a surprisingly wide bow area, this boat sports the two things you can never get enough of: seating and storage Please join Captain Steve for a tour of this new bowrider that signals a new wave of Rinker designs. ...    Read More ]